As the project has evolved, several mini-reunions began occurring as the research team learned of new "cousins." Below are some of the photos taken at these meetings or reports of them.

Winter 1998 - Deb and Della meet for the first time.

August 1998 - John Swansbury, Nigel and Kim Swansborough meet to go to the University of Sussex and study the records from the Swanborough Manor.

We'll have to teach them to always take the camera!

August 1998 - Bonnie stops in Chicago for layover with Barb

before going on to Pennsylvania

Meeting with Della and Deb of the team -- Deb even lives a block away from a cemetery!

Della, , Deb and Bonnie's initial meeting at Deb's in Pennsylvania!

Now she wants Bonnie to move there!

Della sorting copies of new information, making sure everyone keeps up with the latest finds!

We go to lunch with Mary (Sis to all who know her), another newly found relative!

Mary had the missing census link for Joseph that Della and Deb had been searching for for years!

The family gets together for dinner, Gene Swansboro, wife Linda, sister Sandy, Della, husband Joe, Deb, Bonnie and Mary. Sandy drove 3-l/2 hours to join the dinner group and meet her relatives. Then we snagged her and put her to work on the team!

Gene and wife Linda pouring over information we brought with us while Sandy enjoys the gathering.

Mary's son Mark joined us later. Mark was soon to become father to another Swanborough generation.

November 1998 England Reunion

Nigel and Kim meet the newest find, Sally Ann and her sister and brothers who turned out to live very near them! Once again we don't have photos!

November 1998 California Reunion

Bonnie and Sandy [who is in California for a conference 6 miles from Bonnie] get to meet Margaret and John Ayling. John's mother was born in All Cannings, Wiltshire England. He lives 13 miles from Bonnie and neither knew the other existed; in fact, he didn't know there were any American Swanboroughs! Bonnie didn't know there were any Swanboroughs in America who hadn't come via Wales! John was soon the newest member of the Research Team!


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