Trevorton Northumberland County

North America P.A.

April 14 1859


My Dear Mother

With Great Pleasure I write this few lines Sincerely hopeing it

will find you in good health as I am happy to say this Letter leaves us

all at present Thank God My Dear Mother I was very sorry to hear by

my Brother Edmunds Letter that you had Lost your Precious eyesight but

Thank God you wont want anything I should think you would not want for

any attendence from My Brother and sisters we are getting on very

Comfortable My Children are all in good health Mary Jane is Grown

Nicely Solomon is a good Boy and is going to school Joseph is well

and my other Little Boy he was Born the 29 of December 1858 so you see I

had a new years Gift his name is Thomas I had his name that for the

sake of my Brother Thomas Mary Ann and Elizabeth is quite well John

is Married and Getting on as well as usual his Wife is from Bristol

about a year ago she is Getting very stought and will soon be obliged to

go to Bed


My Dear Brothers and sisters I was very Glad to hear from My Dear Mother

and from you all and I hope you will do all you Can while Mother is

Living because it will not be many years before we shall all be Called

to our Long home when a few years is Come at Most we shall all go the

way whence we shall not Return I hope and trust that we all shall be

more than ever in earnest about out Latter day the Desire of my heart is

with My Dear Husbands still to Wath and Pray while in this vale of

tears When I consider the Shortness of time and the unbounded length

of Eternity I am often heard to day o Lord help us all to be more in

Earnest about the one thing that is so needful our Meetings is going on

as usual My Dear Husband is very steady and is attending his Meetings

very Regular we are very happy so My Dear Mother Brothers and Sisters if

we never meet again this side of Eternity My Daily Prayer is that we may

all meet in heaven My Dear Friends this Country have not been in a very

good state for this 12 Months past but it is sure to Get Better again

now soon My Dear Mother My son John uncle John Green is Dead and

Burried and his Wife is Married again to a man john Haston he left a

Farm there is 40 Acres for my son John but he have not been out to see

it yet it is about 5 Hundred Miles from here My Husband or John will

go out this summer to see about it Please to tell Johns uncles and

Aunts about it when we write again we sill send you all Partictlers

after we have been out to see it the Land that is Left is Worth 10

Pounds an acre in this country and if it was in England it would be

Worth about 60 Pounds or More Dear Friends we have not heard any thing

from my sister Ann this 4 years I cannot tell the Reason they have not

Written to me I have several Letters to them but have never had any

return they are Living very near to Place where Johns uncle Died the

Directions to Anns Dwelling is as Follows Clinton Summit County Ohio

Please to Accept Thomas Batement and Wife best Respects also Thomas

Davis & Wife James batement and Wife Edmunds & Wife My son John and Wife

Elizabeths Mary Ann and all the Children With myself and Dear Husband

Yours Ever Loveing Daughter and son Margret and Joseph



Please to send me Word when anyone you Know is Coming from Pontypool

to this Country and you will oblige me


My Dear Mother we Received all the things you sent quite safe and was

Extremely obliged to you



That's all of the letter-----I typed it with the spelling errors and

all, just as she wrote it.