Family Tombstones

As information has surfaced in our research about our ancestors, we have gone off in search of their gravestones. Below are some we have located.

Updated January 13, 2005

Abel Swanborough. We started with a letter written over a hundred years ago that Barb Fisher had kept intact. The team approach was used. The letter indicated East Canada. Deb found a geneaology link and someone there sent her the obituary for Abel. It listed his birth place as Bath, Somerset and his burial in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. Sandy was going on a trip to Quebec and took the information and went in search of the church, cemetery and gravesite. She found it! From the stone, we learned his wife's name. We are now searching Bath records for his birth records to learn his parents name. We found them. His parents are Thomas and Elilzabeth from the parish records of Camerton, England!

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An irony of Abel's tombstone is that he corrected his brother William in his letter about him misspelling the family name, that it should be Swanborough. On his tombstone it was spelled wrong!

In Pennsylvania, in the coalmining country we found the following family graves:

Edward O. 1887-1970 & Mary 1891-1969

Edward O. 1926-1991 Served in World War II

Elwood M. 1890-1920, wife Ada, daughter Ruth

Milton and Lottie's names were handcarved into a rock to act as tombstone.

Milton and Lottie---Lottie was Lottie Turley, the first wife of Solomon's son Elwood Milton. Lottie died soon after their son Milton, who died at birth or soon after. Milton remarried Ada Plummer, and Milton died in 1920 in a mine accident.


Joseph H. (1871-1910) and Solomon (1849-1911)

Joseph and Margaret Swanborough's Gravesites in Pennsylvania

Deb, Della, and Sandy's Line



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