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Russell's parents Edith Elsie and Edgar Graham Swanborough

Newmarket Road Cemetery in Cambridge, UK


Russell's 2nd oldest son James Alexander Mark Edward Swanborough. He is bured with his maternal grandfather Richard Webdell who died of a broken heart 8 days after James death in a road accident. Fulbourn Village Cemetery, Cambridgeshire



In Bellingham, Washington, Sarah Ann Swanborough Bowser Copes (1859-1914) is buried under her last husband's name. They ran a hotel in Bellingham. She was the daughter of Thomas Swanborough (below) who went West to mine for gold during the California Gold Rush


Swansborough Plot in Uppertown Cemetery in Placerville, CA. This is a pioneer cemetery atop a hill overlooking the Gold Rush town of Placerville.

The Inscription reads "Sacred to the Memory of THOMAS and ANN SWANSBOROUGHAnd Sons JAMES Aged 72 Years, JOSEPH Aged 62 Years, THOMAS Aged 84 Years,SOLOMON Aged 14 Years.


Phil LeBoydre's headstone centre - headstone to the left reads '18591 Corporal Frank Swansbury [John Swansbury's line] Royal West Kent Regiment 11th August 1918' - headstone to the right reads 'G/5345 Private Arthur Alfred Salter 2nd Bn, London Regt. R. Fus. 11th August 1918'. The photograph on the right is of the main gate and entrance to the Terlingthun British Cemetry. Photographs: courtesy Valerie Pearson 1996. [Used thanks to permission from Lou LeBouydre. May not be used for any for-profit use. Copyright remains with Lou LeBouydre and permission must be received from him at His web site is:]



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