Updated January 21, 2005

[Contributed by Nigel Swansborough]

[Contributed by John Swansbury]

About 5 years ago I searched through all the UK telephone directories in the local library and found 25 Swansbury entries. I wrote to all; some never answered and some were extremely helpful.

Technology moves on, and now these directories can be searched by computer. I spent a few minutes today looking up some names on a 1997 directory... It found 91 entries for Swanborough, 44 for Swansborough, one each for Swanbrough and Swansbrough, and three for Swanbrow.

Update from John January 1999

I had to come in to work on Boxing day, and while I was waiting for a centrifuge to spin I looked up "Swansbury" on the Internet. One of the search "engines" found 229 entries - of which about 180 were the data you have entered on the family site. From obscurity we are moving to World impact!


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